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Increased Infant Morbidity in Jamaica

Were the mothers vaccinated for covid-19?

Hep B vaccine overloads the infant with high amounts of aluminum which is linked to the Autism epidemic. 1 in 68 Jamaican children now have Autism from the mandated childhood vaccines!

BCG is not generally recommended for use in the U.S. because of the low risk of infection.

Mrs. Brown Miller, on the other hand, emailed that all three babies that died at Black River Hospital were given the Hepatitis B birth dose along with the BCG vaccine.


"What I've Seen In The Past Two Years Is Unprecedented": Renowned OB/GYN tells Dr. Drew That He Has Seen an "Off the Charts" Rise in Miscarriages and Fetal Abnormalities Since the Vaccine Was Introduced - (VIDEO)

Child death rate up 755% over normal and the Mysterious Downward Spiral - Greg Reese

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